Artist Invite: Jen Stark & Takeshi Murata

A new series delving into the connections between artists on Foundation.
Published 22 April 2021

The future is in FlucT.

The performance art duo are using their bodies to push boundaries.
Published 21 April 2021

Miya Folick on becoming very good at living.

How one memorable karaoke performance inspired the artist’s first NFT.
Published 20 April 2021

Reuben Wu is photographing the future.

NFTs are providing an opportunity for photographers to shed their underdog status, and artist Reuben Wu is leading the way.
Published 15 April 2021

Jon Rafman on standing in an open field.

We spoke with the renowned artist about creating poetic visual narratives that critically engage with the present.
Published 14 April 2021

K-HOLE gets sucked into NFTs.

The cult-favorite art-meets-commerce critique collective makes a comeback to report on the state of cultural crypto.
Published 13 April 2021

M.I.A. is extremely online.

Digital culture evolves quickly; so does its commercialization. The visionary artist has always managed to stay ahead of the curve.
Published 7 April 2021

Daylen Seu on tapping into dreams and nightmares.

The crossover horror manga animator and comic artist unleashes the subconscious to shine a light on deep, dark emotions.
Published 1 April 2021

Petra Cortright on unearthing rare finds, dust and all.

For more than a decade, collectors have embraced her webcam videos and digital paintings. All the while, Cortright has been building a deep archive of rare gems with a low-fi, human grittiness just waiting to be NFTs.
Published 31 March 2021

Shantell Martin on remapping the old art world with NFTs.

Crypto and NFTs are making the business of art more transparent—and inviting artists to the table.
Published 25 March 2021

Katherine Frazer on cutting digital images, fruit, and flowers.

The Apple-alumna graphic designer has built an art practice around subverting everyday digital tools and finding corners of delight online.
Published 24 March 2021

Rafaël Rozendaal on how digital art is always with you.

The preeminent digital artist makes the case for why we should all stop working and start getting creative online.
Published 17 March 2021

Yung Jake isn’t excited about NFTs.

And honestly, that’s kind of exciting. As the internet feuds over them, the clear-eyed artist casts crypto as just the next step in monetizing digital art.
Published 14 March 2021

Pak on the frontier of NFTs.

The acclaimed anonymous art entity has been pioneering in digital spaces for decades. Here’s what’s next.
Published 12 March 2021

Bionic pop artist Viktoria Modesta on piercing through culture.

She knows her viral, genre-defying work has already shaped culture. Minting it as an NFT recognizes the impact of that virality.
Published 10 March 2021

Guest Blog: YACHT on bringing songs to the metaverse.

Claire L. Evans and Jona Bechtolt of the Grammy-nominated post-pop group YACHT share their thoughts about creating “NFT Stems,” and how experimenting with new forms of exchange between musicians and audiences might change their practice.
Published 7 March 2021

Devendra Banhart on the unfolding possibilities of mixed-media NFTs.

Musician and painter Devendra Banhart explains how NFTs are expanding his practice, and why he’s excited for the future of the medium.
Published 2 March 2021

Why artists are collecting each other’s NFTs.

Five creators talk about collecting NFTs, the value of interdependence, and why they’re reinvesting in up-and-coming artists.
Published 18 February 2021

Why collect digital art NFTs?

Visionary collectors are scooping up digital art and other early collectibles of the metaverse. Here’s why you should, too.
Published 12 February 2021

Crypto wants to be seen.

In our first go, we attempted to abstract away the complexities of crypto. Now, we’re launching Foundation V2 as an unapologetically crypto-native experience. Here’s why.
Published 1 February 2021

Sven Eberwein on making crypto more environmentally sustainable.

How NFTs can push the conversation of crypto’s ecological impact forward, and be used as a force for good in the world.
Published 1 February 2021

Everything you need to know about the metaverse.

Imagine an internet that’s owned and operated collectively, supported by community, and independent of corporate control.
Published 11 January 2021

Arvida Byström on the myths we make to cope with reality.

Today, the Swedish internet star’s first-ever digital art NFTs are dropping on Foundation.
Published 18 November 2020

Serwah Attafuah on being a punk in the digital art world.

Serwah taught herself 3D software, and doesn’t follow the rules of rendering. We followed up on her DIY process, her grounded understanding of the universe, and her future NFT plans.
Published 6 November 2020

LaTurbo Avedon on traveling through the hidden nooks, paths, and passages of the metaverse.

We asked the purely virtual being to share visions for the future of machine learning, AI, and digital art collecting.
Published 4 November 2020

Pearlyn Lii on transforming herself into a “Real Girlfriend” for art.

Using performance and illustration to examine female identity, Pearlyn Lii has crafted surreal stories that merge physical and sensory experiences with digital, typographic, and code-based media.
Published 30 October 2020

Get in on Foundation’s first NFT collection.

As NFTs explode across the web, we’re bringing an exclusive new collection of digital art onto the scene.
Published 27 October 2020

Building on the edge.

Foundation is now on xDai.
Published 21 October 2020

Sarah Zucker on the importance of making crypto friends.

We caught up with Sarah Zucker to talk paradigm shifts, parallel dimensions, and turning her art into crypto.
Published 20 October 2020

NFTs are transforming the digital art world.

Here’s everything you need to know about “NFTs”—including how to use them to your benefit as a digital artist.
Published 13 October 2020

What Molly Soda has learned from watching YouTube all day.

Author Claire L. Evans and Foundation creator Molly Soda talk about aspirational aesthetics, the ruse of authenticity, and the challenges that YouTubers and artists have in common.
Published 25 August 2020

NEW VALUES for a new creative economy

Announcing an open call for creators to experiment with crypto and play with the concept of value.
Published 3 August 2020

An artist’s crypto primer

The cultural-crypto space is full of potential. But first, there are a few key concepts to learn.
Published 29 July 2020

Addie Wagenknecht on using crypto to hack the art world.

Addie is dropping a series of drone paintings with Foundation.
Published 20 July 2020

Signe Pierce thinks it’s time to take a 360-degree approach to generating value around art.

Her limited-edition collection is live with Foundation.
Published 25 June 2020

We are empowering creators to build their own markets on Ethereum.

A Foundation Markets technical primer.
Published 9 June 2020

This is Foundation.

Today, we're announcing Foundation — an entirely new medium for buying, selling, and trading limited-edition goods.
Published 27 May 2020