The early internet visionary who brought the world’s creativity into the Apple ecosystem joins Foundation

Ex-Apple pioneer joins Foundation, leading partnerships and operations to fuel growth
Published on
17 May 2023
Written by
Foundation Team
The early internet visionary who brought the world’s creativity into the Apple ecosystem joins Foundation

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of Brian Larson as Foundation's new Chief Operating Officer. With an impressive background and a proven track record, Brian's addition to our team marks a pivotal moment as we continue to re-architect the internet and build tools that allow creators to thrive in web3. 

Brian Larson brings a wealth of experience to Foundation, having most recently served as the Director of Marketplace Operations at Nifty Gateway. However, it was during his remarkable 18-year tenure at Apple that Brian honed his expertise, specifically onboarding top-tier record labels, book publishers, movie studios, TV networks, app developers and other content providers to the Apple ecosystem.

He began his career at Apple focusing on the launch of iTunes for Windows, a move that took the industry by surprise—the company even sported the tagline, “Hell froze over.” As his career progressed, Brian's dedication to empowering artists became evident with his work on artists.apple.com, a platform designed to provide artists with career management tools. By the time he left Apple, iTunes’s music catalog had grown from 175,000 songs to an astounding 100 million songs.

“Brian’s experience in partnering with some of the largest music catalogs in the world gives him unique insight into why NFTs are an essential breakthrough. It’s not often in our nascent industry that you meet someone that combines Brian’s level of experience with a fervent passion for NFTs. And he’s 100% committed to seeing this technology break through to the mainstream. I’m incredibly excited about what we can accomplish together,” says Kayvon Tehranian, co-founder and CEO.

Our community has voiced its demands for Foundation to adopt a more proactive approach in onboarding and supporting creators within our community. Brian's role in partnerships will serve to amplify these efforts and establish a solid structure to better meet the needs of our creators. His arrival comes at a critical juncture as the industry experiences a moment of reflection and transformation, and his deep understanding of the digital landscape will be crucial to addressing the ever-evolving demands of the community.

In Brian’s words: "My entire career has been dedicated to empowering artists through technology. From my very first job out of college in managing recording artists, to my 18 years at iTunes and Apple Music, my mission has been to help creators bring their vision to the world. I'm now thrilled to join Foundation in empowering creative minds to thrive in the new digital economy.”

We’re more motivated than ever to push boundaries and continue shaping the future of web3. Stay tuned for the exciting updates and developments that lie ahead as Foundation heads into this new chapter. Welcome, Brian!

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