Foundation welcomes creative visionary to drive visual storytelling and brand innovation

Meet Aaron Stump: Sneakerhead, Creative Visionary and Foundation’s new Design Director
Published on
13 July 2023
Written by
Foundation Team
Foundation welcomes creative visionary to drive visual storytelling and brand innovation

We’re excited to welcome Aaron Stump as Foundation’s new Brand Design Director. With a specialization in branding and marketing for digital-first companies, Aaron brings 15 years of experience in helping brands bring their vision to life.

During his impressive nine-year tenure as Creative Director at InVision, Aaron played a pivotal role in changing the way businesses approached design. Under his guidance, InVision grew into a massive business producing over $100 million in revenue each year, serving all Fortune 100 companies and amassing a user base of seven million people worldwide. InVision pioneered championing and investing in designers as a viable path to success.

"At InVision, Aaron was responsible for architecting a wave of brand stories that inspired a culture shift, and fundamentally reshaped how the world thought about design. At Foundation, we’ll continue to build the defining brand of web3 together,” says Matt Vernon, co-founder and Head of Design.

Aaron's belief in the power of design to move industries started with sneakers, which developed into an obsession with design in all forms: fashion, music, art—and now web3. His new role at Foundation will build an impactful brand studio to bolster the company’s core identity and develop a brand that strongly resonates with the community.

In Aaron’s words: “On the first day of second grade, a classmate walked in wearing the brand new Nike Air Max 1. The moment I laid eyes on those sneakers, my love for design ignited. It sparked an awareness and curiosity, extending to clothing, graphics on MTV and album covers. From that point on, my path was clear—I became a designer, forever captivated by the world of design. Digital art is the most vibrant, innovative corner in web3, and I’m excited to join Foundation in leading the charge.”

Since its inception, Foundation has set out to define the next generation of the internet, bring digital art to the forefront and make web3 culturally relevant. With Aaron’s arrival, our aim is to propel web3 into the mainstream, with digital art at the helm.

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