The 3 Truths
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- Slide Strolling -
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Rock, Boulder, Cobble, Pebble (part IV)
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The Cycle of the Mythical Panther - Apotheosis
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Flesh To Spirit
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Pluto and Charon
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what if we kissed @ the intersection of art & NFTs
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Jesa, Real Girlfriend
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NFT shopping spree
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Amber Bog 3
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khthoniik variations ii
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🍋lemn plum ❌str8 〰 〰 〰 lines composition lvl3 🥴
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Torch of the Mystics // 1
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Geomancer 2.1
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‘Dead Cat Bounce’ music box by Kim Laughton
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Drip Again & Again
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Featured creators
Jacques Greene
FELT Zine is an experimental internet art platform and artist collective. Its IRL and URL experiences examine digital ac…
Nic Hamilton
Nic makes images, film, and installation work. Drawing from nature and music, Nic creates enviroments, atmospheres and…
Katherine Frazer
Katherine Frazer explores the social implications of consumer technology. Her work has been featured in Codame Festival,…
Lane Stewart
Lane Stewart is an American film and image maker, writer, and co-founder of the record label Halcyon Veil. His cinematic…
Pearlyn Lii
Pearlyn Lii is an artist and designer. Her work examines the female experience by weaving surreal stories with archetype…
Andy Rolfes
Artist and co-owner of the performance and image house, Team Rolfes. Previous clients include Lady Gaga, Unsound Festi…
Anne Vieux
Painter exploring perceptive boundaries. Features and reviews of her work have appeared in Bomb, Bookforum, Mask, The A…
Daylen Seu
2D animator and comic artist
Shawna X
Shawna X is a visual artist & creative based in New York, known for her vibrant, visceral and graphical image-making acr…
Itzel Yard
Generative artist based in Panama. Visualizing algorithms + experimental music, often in verse. While a sense of rhythm …
Jonathan Monaghan
Monaghan's artworks subvert the boundaries between the natural and artificial. He has shown at The Sundance Film Festiva…
zach lieberman
Zach Lieberman is an NYC based artist. He helped start the School for Poetic Computation and is a professor at MIT Medi…
Jon Burgerman
European artist living in New York. Works exhibited and collected globally. Enjoys art and light entertainment.
Sarah Zucker
artist merging the gorgeous + grotesque through humor, psychedelia, mysticism and the interplay of cutting edge + obsole…
Artist. Creator of memes. Cat lover.
Nicole Ruggiero
Nicole Ruggiero is a 3D visual artist based in NYC. Her work concentrates on technology and the culture surrounding it. …
Nicolas Sassoon
Nicolas Sassoon is a Franco-Canadian artist using early computer imaging processes to create a wide array of pixelated f…
Ben Ditto
It me, Ben Ditto from Instagram
zola jesus
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