NEW DIMENSIONS for a new world

Announcing an open call to play with the possibilities of 3D NFTs, and help shape the emerging metaverse.
Published on
1 September 2021
Written by
Foundation Team
NEW DIMENSIONS for a new world

We recently introduced 3D NFTs to Foundation, opening the door for artists to share their work in the round and cross-dimensionally. Already, we’ve seen so many artists pushing the boundaries of the medium with their creations—from a strawberry with a face, to a fantastic piece of furniture, to a weightless bust, to a hologram of Pussy Riot.

3D NFTs enable both creators and collectors to expand how we experience and relate to digital art. Many artists are experimenting with the possibilities of 3D objects for the first time and there are also new ways for collectors to explore their 3D artworks in AR—including showcasing their collection in the metaverse, and visualizing their works in any IRL space, anywhere in the world.

While the word “cyberspace” has come to be associated with the sites we access through our screens, they don’t capture the range of immersive, hybrid experiences that will emerge as the metaverse takes shape. Right now, experimenting with 3D NFTs is a way to imagine what’s possible as we enter a new blended reality where physical and digital dimensions coalesce.

New Dimensions
New Dimensions

Creators, show us what’s possible with 3D NFTs:

Collectors, help visualize the emerging metaverse:

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