The November Long Chair: First Prototype

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The November Long Chair: First Prototype
File size: 8,4Mb
File format: .glb (3D Assets Web AR Compatible)

The first prototype version was created/rendered by Thobie Buntaran a.k.a. Loreng on 25 July 2021, Mantrijeron, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

This gorgeous creature is one of the latest biomechanical furniture species that inhabit the Santuari.
Designed by Loreng and manufactured in Santuari Lab.
The first prototype was introduced in the 3020’s.
It resembles the dwarf scorpion species “Liocheles Waigiensis”, one of the most popular scorpions in the Asia Region, Planet Earth.
This is the perfect addition for your Meta Bougie Home Studio, the perfect biodynamic forms are ergonomically superior to traditional design.

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