Worldbuilders, say hello to Editions

New possibilities emerge on Foundation with Editions. Don’t take our word for it. Visit Foundation’s inaugural world, Replica, and experience it for yourself.
Published on
8 March 2023
Written by
Kayvon Tehranian
Worldbuilders, say hello to Editions

On January 10, we introduced Worlds, our web3-native curation tool.

Since launch, curators have generated over 500 ETH in sales across hundreds of Worlds.

No World is the same. Some feature a single creator. Others span genres. Some are rooted in one curator’s vision. Others express the vision of a collective.

But all these Worlds have been constrained by the limitations of what can be placed in them: a single NFT listed for reserve auction.

We started with auctions for simplicity. After all, it’s how Foundation itself started. But we have no intention of leaving Worlds to be so primitive.

Our vision is to empower curators, brands, and communities to build their Worlds expansively.

And expansive Worlds require a wide variety of formats, tools and market mechanics — which is why I’m excited to share that today we’re introducing Editions to Foundation’s toolkit.

Introducing Editions

Editions enables our community to release a single artwork for unlimited minting within a 24-hour time window.

Editions are a fun, experimental, and exciting tool.

And as you’ve come to expect from a tool designed by Foundation, the experience is elegant and to the point – while upholding the highest degree of onchain integrity.

Editions. Designed by Foundation
Editions. Designed by Foundation

Editions on Foundation are backed by their own ERC-721 smart contract and interoperate with every other onchain element of our ecosystem. Scheduling, minting, and royalties all work out of the box.

But there’s one particular area of interoperability where we’ve paid particular attention — and that’s how Editions and Worlds come together. It’s our belief that explosive possibilities emerge when these two tools are combined.

We don’t want you to just take our word for it though. We want you to feel these possibilities viscerally, which is why we’re also announcing Foundation’s first world: Replica.


Foundation’s inaugural World, Replica, invites 35 exceptional creators to release an open edition in one unified moment. Replica is unlike any world you’ve seen or experienced to date.

35 concurrent editions. One 24-hour window. Mint from one, two, or all 35.

Visit Replica here, and experience Editions on Foundation for yourself.


What’s next?

Foundation isn’t one monolithic marketplace. Foundation is host to an infinitely expanding array of Worlds that emerge to create new perspectives and new experiences in web3.

We’re incredibly excited to keep expanding what can be imagined and built with Worlds.

Editions is a powerful new primitive available to worldbuilders. But the work doesn’t stop there.

We’re already dreaming up what a world can hold next.

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