Your World.

Worlds enable you to coordinate with sellers, build a curated storefront, and share in the sales.

Build and customize your onchain storefront with powerful, no-code tools. Spotlight creators, promote their work and earn a fee each time an NFT is sold in your World. Everyone wins.

Take control with your powerful dashboard. Track your World’s performance with advanced insights, monitor your inventory, and customize your homepage—all in one place.

Promote exceptional talent.

Invite your favorite artists and sellers to your onchain allowlist and start selling their creations in your custom World.

Earn a fee with each sale.

Set a custom fee that’s charged to your sellers each time they sell in your World. You earn when they earn.

Works with your favorite creator tools.

Sell NFTs, launch drops, or create editions. Your world is powered by all the tools that creators already know and love.

Full onchain integrity. Artists mint, you sell.

Artists mint to their own smart contracts and control their provenance.

World class galleries, organizations and individuals are already creating worlds to run their businesses onchain.

Build your World.