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  • Can you explain to me what´s the difference between a Transformation performed on the Isles of Forenhost from the ones performed in the villages of the continent?

  • In the Transformation that happens in the Isles, we are allow to mix human and small animals corpses in the process. In the continent, this practice is not fully allowed.

  • Why is this practice not allowed in the continent?

  • When using two different corpses as one host, there´s a big risk of getting what´s called The Savage Madness. But in the Isles we have improved for centuries the art of crafting mutations at a point that is easier for us to control this process. Also, we discovered that using corpses of small animals has a lowers risk than using the ones from larger animals.

  • What benefits brings to mix small animal corpses in the Transformation?

  • The mutations that this mix offers are very useful in our daily life. For instance, we can have a chance of developing the ability of spending more time under water if we use fishes corpses. And mostly, when we use birds instead, we get more resistant to some human diseases.

  • What do you think is the perception many parasites on the continent have regarding this matter?

  • I stopped caring about that a long time ago, as long as the Regents support us and we keep doing what´s is needed from us, it will continue the way it is.

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