Portrait of the Zeitgeist

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The world of web3 art. Here, within the vast digital expanse, identity takes center stage, embracing its fluctuations and becoming a canvas of exploration for the inquisitive minds and fearless hearts.

It is a sanctuary of self-discovery, where the distorted becomes the sublime, while with each decentralized brushstroke, the layers of perception are peeled away, revealing a hidden beauty that defies the conventional norms. It is a digital mirror, wherein the imperfect self gazes upon its reflection, embracing the quirks and flaws, transforming them into empowered strokes of self-expression.
Stylistic framework:
"Portrait of the Zeitgeist" is part of a series of Neo-Expressionist artworks titled "Oh Look! It's Us!" by DocT. Rooted in the late 20th-century movement, Neo-Expressionism emerges as a rebellious force against the abstract and conceptual art of its time, giving prominence to emotional intensity and the raw tapestry of human experiences. Within this series, a kaleidoscope of distorted yet powerfully authentic reflections of reality and the intricacies of the human condition and the current Zeitgeist is unveiled.

The fusion of static and animated pieces beckons viewers to embark on a journey into the abyss of existence's disarray. Each digital stroke and frame has been meticulously crafted to encapsulate the very essence of our shared human plight. Through somewhat chaotic brushwork and vibrant hues, the series embraces the profound and illuminates the enigmatic and unsettling aspects of life in an almost visceral manner.
Process and media:
Each work is the outcome of a specifically designed multi-step process, which includes the creation of a series of base images with MJ and/or SD, the partial blending of the base image drafts, and comprehensive post-editing using Photoshop and other editing tools.
Of note:
The majority of pieces from this line of work will be 1/1 NFTs, apart from future airdrops to collectors and occasional edition pieces. Some works may also be available as separate physical art prints and/or semi-robotic installations/"physical gifs" in the future, which would not include the NFT.

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