Fossilized Sea

Alfredo Juárez
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Fossilized Sea

The Stars Above a Fossilized Sea: A Celestial Sight in Mexiquillo Natural Park

Long ago, millions of years before humans walked the earth, Mexiquillo Natural Park was a vast, shimmering sea. Its crystal-clear waters teemed with life, and the seabed was home to an incredible variety of plants and animals. But over time, the earth changed, and the sea began to recede. Slowly but surely, the water retreated, leaving behind a rugged, mountainous landscape.

Today, Mexiquillo Natural Park is a place of great natural beauty, home to a variety of flora and fauna. The mountains that rise up from the ground are a testament to the park's ancient past, a reminder of the sea that once covered this land. And at night, when the stars come out, the constellation of Orion shines brightly above the peaks, a celestial sight that takes your breath away.

As you stand on the mountaintops, gazing up at the stars, it's easy to let your mind wander and imagine what this place must have been like all those millions of years ago, when it was a sea teeming with life. The thought is both humbling and awe-inspiring, a reminder of the vastness of time and the ever-changing nature of the world around us. So, if you ever get the chance to visit Mexiquillo Natural Park, don't miss the opportunity to marvel at the beauty of the stars and the ancient landscape that surrounds you.

About me:
I am Alfredo Juárez, an Astrophotographer from Sinaloa, Mexico. I picked my first camera (a Konica Minolta) in high school. I felt in love with Astrophotography when I traveled 600+ miles to chase the Neowise comet back in 2020. Being there, in the middle of nowhere is a healing process for me, and I plan to continue doing it for as long as I can.

Location: Mexiquillo Natural Park, Durango, Mexico

Year Created: 2022

Genre: Astrophotography

Camera: Nikon D750
Lens: Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.8
Tracking Mount: iOptron Star Tracker

Extended Editorial License: Can be used to display privately, or in commercial and non-commercial settings, or in groups with an unlimited number of participants. The License includes unlimited use and display in virtual or physical galleries, documentaries, and essays by the NFT holder. Provides no rights to create commercial merchandise.

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