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Thanks to technology we have the possibility of capturing exceptional images from above, as if we could transform into birds. Birds that fly across pristine sandy beaches with never ending turquoise water, looking down onto tiny little humans, each with their own stories.
A solitary man who is trying to capture the perfect selfie for social media, hoping to find his soulmate after years of solitude. A young couple beginning their adventure together, eager to face life’s obstacles and accomplishments as a team. A young waiter, excited to wake up each morning in paradise, finally be able to help provide for his family. Each flight is unique; shadows, light, colors and people change the perspective and stories we can imagine and create.

This image was taken on the island of Dhonakulhi, Maldives, in March 2021. An early morning flight on this beautiful island, which was a tiny piece of freedom and paradise for me at that time, when the world was experiencing so much tragedy due to the pandemic.

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claire ujma