Jordan Banks


Spring 2011 saw me visit the heart of the Holi festival in the Mathura region where the origins of the Holi festival can be traced back to. After three very eventful days, eyes saw from the dried paint and skin stained a mixture of green and pink I headed to cover the final day’s events. It was absolute mayhem and to add an extra bit of excitement I had managed to get myself on a ledge with a 30-foot drop to the crowds below where I was able to get up close to this man. He was in a trance-like state as he showered the crowds below with dried paint and paid no attention to me right next to him as he celebrated. Aside from the incredible experience, I have strong memories of my assistant being very concerned for my safety. So much so that she grabbed the back of my shirt and wouldn’t let go until I was back safe from the ledge.

Published in National Geographic Traveller magazine

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Jordan Banks