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Modulo emerges as a fusion of mathematics and aesthetics, a collaborative project by us, Rich Caldwell and Andrew Mitchell. In this unique artistic venture, the precision of generative art intertwines with the vivid reality of photography. Each piece in our curated collection showcases a blend of disciplines but also mirrors the organized complexity found in our world.

Our approach to capturing aerial photographs was methodical and artistically driven. We utilized satellite imagery to meticulously plan out each shoot, ensuring that every photograph aligned with our overarching artistic vision. This detailed preparation laid the groundwork for the unique aesthetic of the Modulo project. Our collaboration, rooted in a longstanding friendship and shared artistic endeavors such as the "12 Days of Art" project, added a complementary creative perspective.

We employ p5js, a versatile generative art tool, to transform these photographs. This process involves selecting segments of each image, shuffling them, and then strategically reapplying them to the original picture. This technique not only alters the imagery but also imbues it with a new, modular aesthetic.
Modulo's imagery draws parallels with urban landscapes seen in games like Sim City, and the organized chaos reminiscent of computer chips. This project transcends traditional photography, entering a realm where the familiar becomes uncannily modular. It's a visual exploration that challenges our perception of the everyday.

The project leans heavily on modern technology. Drone-captured images offer a unique aerial perspective, while satellite imagery aids in meticulous planning. Notably, our photographs are stored on Arweave, ensuring permanence and accessibility.
Modulo is more than an art project; it's a conversation between technology, photography, and generative art.



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