Gaia's Melancholy

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Like a long, chilling breeze through the late Summer foliage, merely shaking the leaves but never moving them from their dedicated stations, her sigh gently pushes against the unyielding opposition of hubris.

The source of everything that sustains them, the source of them: she watches with a doleful, disappointed gaze.

Their lifespans are short, and their leaders greedy. They war over claims to her resources and destroy and pollute the very necessities of their own survival, thinking not of the future for their own descendants as long as their own lives are filled with luxury and convenience.

To keep to this path will mean their own irreversible suffering and eventually, worse: she will be alone again. Such a needless ordeal.

She knows she can restart creation after a time, but the thought of it inspires another resolute sigh.


This piece is a 1/1 edition by Maneki Neko created to be a part of the "AI Art is Coming" Foundation world curated by @IrrecusableNFT.

It was created through months of experimentation with different versions of the AI tool Stable Diffusion. Initially it was the result of permuting hundreds of combinations of prompts, models and settings to produce thousands of images. During exploration of new Stable Diffusion models, images from previous experiments were revisited and curated for use as init images with different prompts from their original generation. The most pleasing of these results were selected to finish with color and fine detail editing in Photoshop and this particular piece selected to mint because of the story she inspired.
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Digital image, 6000x8000 px

Year Minted: 2023

Extended Editorial License:
The image this NFT verifies may be used to display privately, or in commercial and non-commercial settings, or in groups with an unlimited number of participants. The license includes unlimited use and display in virtual or physical galleries, documentaries, and essays by the NFT holder. Provides no rights to create commercial merchandise, commercial distribution, or derivative works.

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