Sakura Vista - Inaka



Cherry blossoms signal the arrival of Spring in many parts of the world, transforming parks, neighborhoods and countrysides into fairytale scenes of gentle pink and white flowers that appear as clouds from a distance. The brief presence of these splendid blooms is much celebrated in Japan as an annual event referred to as “Hanami” with picnics, family gatherings, and prolific picture taking among the ephemeral flowers.

The Sakura Vista series captures vignettes imagined by an AI who will never see sakura blooms with its own “eyes” but can still transport us all to the right time and place to enjoy them.


Special note:
This piece was featured on the front page of OpenSea for 4 days from Wednesday, April 20 - Saturday April 23, 2022.

This piece is a 1/1 edition intricately created by Maneki Neko. It began as many text-to-image conversations with an AI to produce raw imagery which was curated to fit with a vision and meticulously collaged to produce a finished piece with a coherent color scheme, expression of a theme, and packed full of elaborate detail.

Digital image, 7000x7000 px

Year Minted: 2022

Extended Editorial License:
The image this NFT verifies may be used to display privately, or in commercial and non-commercial settings, or in groups with an unlimited number of participants. The license includes unlimited use and display in virtual or physical galleries, documentaries, and essays by the NFT holder. Provides no rights to create commercial merchandise, commercial distribution, or derivative works.

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