Self - An Exploration

Angie Mathot
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“Self - An Exploration”, is a derivative of Rik Oostenbroek’s beautiful piece “Self”.
The original is already such a perfect piece that it became clearly a tough question asking myself how I could make my own version of it for the contest…

My aim was to respect as much as I could the original integrity of the art, which was already so beautiful and great, while adding my personality to it.
So I took a fresh look, and chose to do what I do best: create strong contrasts and change the narrative, with my vector approach.

Black and white are possibly the strongest contrast there is, they represent the diversity within Human Kind, they are extremes and many nuances stand in between; while the flowery parts, based on my limited palette of blue, yellow and pink/ red reflects the dash of personality, our vision that tints the way we perceive life in general.

Vector art, 5000 x 5000 px @ 300 DPI.

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Angie Mathot