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'Écluse' is part of the inaugural 'Outliers' group show curated by Atelier (ateliergen.art).

'Écluse' is a generative program that traces curves and inserts shape sequences (vertical lines and two types of colored solid shapes). It generates not only the digital output you see, but also gives instructions to the artist to reproduce the digital iteration using a plotter and a manual paintbrush.

By minting a token, the collector commissions the artist to create an exclusive plotted and hand painted physical edition of the artwork.


Composition: Two types of compositions, those in which the curves are aligned (repetition), and others where the blocks of color are aligned.
Row: random between 5 and 8
Noise scale: used to compute curves (random between 0.01 and 0.05)
Line section spacing: how vertical lines are spaced. Two modes, one with fixed spacing, the other with random spacing (between 2 and 6px)
Palette: Color scheme sampled from iconic painting (Title – Artiste, date and medium)

Physical edition

Dimensions: 420mm x 297 (16.5 x 11.7 inch)
Techniques: plotter, pencil, watercolor and Rotring

The edition is redeemable a single time on artfora.com (no requirement for the token to be burned, no shipping fee)
In the event of a resale on the secondary market, the responsibility of contacting the original minter of the NFT in order to receive the physical edition rests with the new collector (the receiver will cover shipping costs).


Nicolas Lebrun
@nclslbrn / nicolas-lebrun.fr

If you have any questions, please send me an email through my website.



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