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Giuliano di Giovanni de' Medici (25 October 1453 – 26 April 1478) – The Model Brother

Giuliano was the 2nd son of Piero de' Medici & Lucrezia Tornabuoni. Seen as the handsome & sporting golden boy of the family, he co-ruled Florence, with his brother. While Lorenzo had more of the taste for the arts, Giuliano often became the art, posing for artist sculptures & paintings. Tragically Giuliano’s life was cut short early by a rival family, during the Pazzi Conspiracy to seize power, which failed and led to the Pazzis banishment. Fortunately Giuliano’s son, Giulio de' Medici, survived to preserve his lineage, later becoming Pope Clement VII.

Not well known, but Giuliano was one of the Pepe of the Renaissance. Transforming from handsome prince to a rare pepe at night to steal away to Medici Academy, he would always bring his best friend Sarutobi. His passion for the rare & early is evident.. look no further than the NFT he’s enjoying on his phone.

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