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Michael B. Stuart
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I am happy to start this new collection and be able to publish 1/1s via my own Manifold contract. I cannot afford to keep minting on Foundation without promise of more bids, and OpenSea lazy minting makes my tokens invisible to other marketplaces.

Every photo does not belong in a collection. These are the 1/1s.

The South Grand Island Bridge was one of my first sought after subjects. I had seen majestic images of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge and thought I could do our local spans some justice.

Photography has always been something I have enjoyed. My father brought a Canon AE-1 camera with us on every vacation and I always had a camera to document the moments.

This changed in 2011. I had just gone through a very difficult year losing my Dad to cancer. Photography became a healthy outlet for my need to get out of the house and process the loss. Taking and processing pictures became a therapy of sorts and to this day is something I know he would be proud of.

This photo was taken after a delicious Valentine's Day dinner with Nicole. It was the first time using my new Canon 6D. The ice jam had recently been removed which meant the river was full of ice chunks. These floating pieces made the weirdest crunching and scraping sound as the river flow moved them by at a surprisingly fast pace. This lucky timing also lead to a very unique look to the long exposures.

f/8 for the win on detail!

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Michael B. Stuart