Lunar Mosaic

Maria Faith Garcia
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Immerse yourself in a design that captures nature's whimsy and wonder. The central image features a javelina, a unique desert dweller whose expression perfectly echoes the quirkiness of the scene.

Paired with this intriguing portrayal is a haiku that beautifully captures the passing of time: "Time lapse of the moon / bright disks stitched across the sky - / one bemused eyebrow." The poem invites viewers to marvel at the celestial spectacle, as the moon traces its path across the sky, while also appreciating the humorous imagery of the moon's phases being compared to a raised eyebrow.

With its delightful blend of art and poetry, this design celebrates the charm and mystery of the natural world. Don't miss out on the chance to own a piece of this enchanting moment, and let it inspire you to find humor and wonder in the world around you.

Designer: Maria Faith Garcia; Poet: Michael Ballard; Illustrator: Dana Nieve

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Maria Faith Garcia