Humid Embrace

Maria Faith Garcia
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Engage with the eerie calm before a storm with this compelling design. The central figure is a scorpion, poised and alert, its presence underscores the harsh realities of desert life, evoking a sense of respect and awe for nature's most resilient creatures.

Accompanying this intriguing image is an atmospheric haiku: "Air thick and muggy / in birdsong absent stillness - / monsoon approaching." The poem encapsulates the tangible density that hangs in the air before a monsoon, the unsettling quiet broken only by the distant rumble of an impending storm. It's a haunting depiction of the calm before the storm, a moment of suspense and anticipation.

With its masterful blend of art and poetry, this design is a testament to nature's dramatic beauty and raw power. Let it serve as a reminder of nature's untamed force and the humbling experience of witnessing it firsthand. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of this riveting moment, and let it inspire you to appreciate the natural world's intense, sometimes unsettling, beauty.

Designer: Maria Faith Garcia; Poet: Michael Ballard; Illustrator: Dana Nieve

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Maria Faith Garcia