Silent Encounter

Maria Faith Garcia
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Embrace the enchanting allure of the desert with this mesmerizing design. The central figure is a wide-eyed jackrabbit, caught in a moment of stillness on your path. Its expressive eyes and alert posture tell a story of survival and instinct, encapsulating the timeless dance between predator and prey in the wild.

This vivid scene is paired with an evocative haiku: "Ahead on my path, / wide-eyed jackrabbit freezes - / open concealment." The poem captures the tension of this frozen moment, where the jackrabbit's attempt at camouflage becomes a paradox of visibility and concealment. It's a stark reminder of the fine line between safety and danger in nature.

With its blend of art and poetry, this design brings the untamed beauty and raw intensity of the desert to your reach. Let it inspire you to appreciate both the tranquility and thrill of the wild and to find beauty in life's unexpected moments.

Designer: Maria Faith Garcia; Poet: Michael Ballard; Illustrator: Dana Nieve

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Maria Faith Garcia