A New America #1

Robert LeBlanc


A New America is the third published book by street and documentary photographer Robert LeBlanc. The body of work spans eight years, 47 states, and 50,000 miles.

A New America is a panoramic exploration of daily life and the wild fringes of a country in unusual times, seen by a photographer with an uncommon lens. From lowriders in cornfields to the inside a mortuary at the peak of a COVID-19 surge, Leblanc dives into parts of a nation most rarely see, capturing wonderfully combative moments.

Only 89 out of the 140 images within the book will be available as NFTs. The physical monograph will be released with Italian publisher Damiani. Through roadmap activation, portions of the NFT sales will go towards three specific organizations; 100 Cameras, Make Life Skate Life, and the Mill Street D.I.Y skatepark located in Jackson, Mississippi. The Los Angeles exhibition and monograph release dates will be announced in early 2023. In addition, all collectors' names &/or Twitter handles will be printed within the book as significant contributors to the release of this body of work.

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Robert LeBlanc