Absent Morning

Umut Sezer Koç
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It was yet another bleak, monotonous day at the office.
During summer, when the trees danced beneath the sunlight like a thousand waves crashing ashore. I could only watch while the beauty took its toll, if only I had oxygen to breathe among all this haze...

I started doing what I love the most once again, which is to create, to inspire, to forever share my love and light instead of being bound to tasks given by someone else. Took a step outside of the smoke, seeking peace within me, to get lost and be found again. Passion, was what found me; hence the piece "Absent Morning" was born.

This piece is a turning point in my architectural studies because I've once again realized my passion is to be an artist and a designer with architectural skills on my own. I could never get used to the regular 9-5 jobs, could never bow down to anyone, could never get used to the sheer amount of stress studying interior architecture has brought at my doorstep these years.

I was an artist before, I am an artist now, and I will forever be an artist till there are no mornings left any more.

Created with Blender & Cycles, AI for last finishes.
Dimensions: 2880 x 3600

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Umut Sezer Koç