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Recently, I was on a holiday around Çanakkale, a beautiful part of western Turkey, with a coast to Aegean Sea. We stayed in a very small village in the forest, 15 kms to the nearest town. The nearest town was Ayvacik, with approximately 13.000 population.
Right outside the town, there was a football (soccer) facility, built by the municipality of Ayvacik. From the status of the building and surroundings, it looked like it has never been active. I asked around about the facility after I took the shot and I learned that it has been built but never rented to anyone for business. So, it was like an abandoned facility, except the children of the neighborhood had a field to play football for free.

The sun was setting when I got there and the kids had an older brother/friend with them who was a goal keeper, playing for a local team. He just was there to practice with the kids, teach them techniques and having fun with them. When they saw the camera, it brought them out of their natural attitude, so I had to sit there and wait for half hour for them to forget about me.

As I watched them, I remembered my own childhood, great fan of football, the times we used to play on the streets, the excitement.
The particular shoot in the photograph, if it was a score or not, I will leave the the decision to the audience.

Taken on July 05, 2022 at Çanakkale, Turkey.
W/ FujiFilm XPro 2 Camera and XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR lens
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About Hakan Biyiklioglu:
Hakan Biyiklioglu is a photography artist from Istanbul, Turkey. He started photography when he was 19 years old with his father’s Yashica camera. He chases for unusual moments and angles in ordinary city spots and streets, he makes use of wide spaces, minimized objects, and people, mixed with a feeling of serenity. Geometry, silhouettes, and shadows are mostly in play as well as long exposures. Traveling to rural parts, iconic cities, chatting with people before photographing them are essential parts of his photography adventure.
He has been featured on many web sites (Eyeshot,Life is Street, İfsak, etc) and social media sites. He has been the guest photographer for a photo documentary series called "Bir Kare Bir Anlam", for 3 episodes, on one of the most popular Turkish Television Channels, TRT2. He has been invited for photography talks and presentations by FujiFilm in many cities of Turkey.

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