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‘Internalized’ is a collection of artwork made in the modern style of “expressionism”.

“Creating is an outlet and a window to the inner universe.” - DVK

Expression is essential in life, but it is difficult. It is interesting how art can display a presence of mind, that can’t be explained, similarly to how a well-known feeling can become exponentially strengthened when presented in a visual form.

This collection presents 8 important states of mind.

In the process to reach these visuals, I perfected the prompts enough to get the same visual qualities even though the expression changes. Yet the color scheme and the expressions require a lot of outputs to get the exact feeling that I wish to depict. With hundreds of pieces looked through I narrowed it down to the 8 pieces with the closest relation to my feelings.

The project has been ongoing for several months. Sometimes I’ve had to let it sit for a while, but I kept returning to it. One of the difficult parts is to achieve the same visuals, without using the same prompts. So I had to refine the prompt numerous times to finalize the collection.

Programs used: Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 2, Real-ESRGAN, Gigapixel AI, and meticulous Photoshop editing.

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DVK the artist