Need for variety, Johan Lolos

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Need for variety

Restless, powerful, practical – the dynamic personality,
Fast in thinking,
With great organisational skills.

Generous, sensitive, secretive – the multifaceted individual,
Appears innocent and kind,
While hiding the true purpose underneath a social mask.

At a first glance, shy and solitary,
Impressing through charisma and charm,
Then a fighting spirit, supported by an iron will.

Curious, intuitive, clever - astute observations,
When you see – why should you listen?
Difficult to take into account the advice of others.

Ambitious, innovative, influential - A character on life's stage,
Changing the action of the drama just by presence,
Entertaining others with your wit.

With creative ideas,
Life has a lot in store for you,
Though bored so easily.

When there is need for variety,
It's transformation you're looking for,
Closing circles a task.

Your lesson of life,
To leave the past behind,
Learn to give up in order to get.
Poem by face reading Master, Eric Standop.
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