How to create on Foundation

Own your creativity.

Welcome to web3 — the next evolution of the internet where creativity is valued and your digital objects belong to you.
Create collections

Your Collection, your way.

In web3, artists are taking back ownership and control over their creativity. All collections on Foundation are creator-owned smart contracts that will stand the test of time.

Mint NFTs

Drag. Drop. Mint.

Minting an NFT is like adding your signature to a painting. Make your mark in web3 with works that are emblematic of your creative practice.

Plus, you’ll earn a 10% royalty for all secondary market sales. Forever.

Split sales

Create together, earn together.

Add a Split to your NFT to seamlessly pay creative collaborators—photographers, producers, choreographers, dancers, poets—and so on.

You can also use Splits to donate directly to the causes you care about most. That’s the web3 way.

Creativity is valuable on Foundation.

To date, over 87,603 ETH has been earned by the community on Foundation. Bring your NFTs to our marketplace, and connect with collectors.