Beyond the Hype: Into the Unknown

Feb 26
Beyond the Hype: Into the Unknown

Beyond the Hype: Into the Unknown

Venturing into the unknown is an act of courage that underpins the human experience. It is the place where certainty fades, and the vast expanse of possibility stretches out, a void filled with the echoes of 'what if' and 'perhaps.' To step into this space is to confront our deepest fears and to challenge the very foundations of our understanding. The unknown is not just a place of potential peril but a cradle of potentiality itself. It is where the unformed takes shape, where the yet-to-be converges with the now. Embracing the unknown is an acceptance of the transient nature of existence, an acknowledgment that change is the only constant and that, within the flux, lies the opportunity for growth, discovery, and transformation.

The emphasis on moving beyond the hype to embrace the unknown in digital art collecting reflects the philosophical stance that values authenticity over acclaim, substance over superficiality, and personal resonance over public recognition. It underscores the importance of looking past the immediate allure of the well-known and the widely celebrated, to delve into the depths where true artistic innovation and expression lie waiting to be discovered.

Exhibition Poster by Serezha Galkin
Exhibition Poster by Serezha Galkin

While embracing the unknown in collecting digital art is an ode to the beauty of discovery and the transformative power of genuine connections, collecting based on hype is its antithesis. It is a path that prioritizes external validation and superficiality over internal resonance, and in doing so, it misses the profound opportunity to engage with art - and through it, life - in a manner that is truly meaningful and transformative. 

In embracing the unknown and venturing into digital art collecting 2,5 years ago, I embarked on a journey that was as much about self-discovery as it was about art. It was a process of learning to navigate the exhilarating yet overwhelming flood of creativity and artworks, of discerning true value in a sea of hype, and ultimately, of finding a deeper connection to art and to myself. This journey has underscored the importance of intentionality, of looking beyond the hype to the heart of what makes art truly captivating - the timeless allure of creativity that speaks to the human experience.

I see my journey of collecting art from overseen artists as a testament to the belief that true value in art transcends the fleeting trends and the clamor of the market. It is a pursuit fueled by a passion for uncovering hidden gems that speak to the soul, artworks that resonate on a deeply personal level, that make you think and embody the essence of creativity and human expression. In this context, collecting becomes an intimate act of recognizing and celebrating the beauty and diversity of expression that exists beyond the confines of popularity and commercial success.

“We need to look beyond the hype and go against the current of trends and swim with the tide of timeless. When the hype dies down, only art stays.”

This exhibition, therefore, stands as a manifesto against the superficiality of hype, championing instead the values of courage, curiosity, and genuine passion in the exploration of digital art's potential. It's a celebration of democratizing art, a homage to the creators who pour their essence into every pixel, and an acknowledgment of the pure, unadulterated joy of collecting art out of love, not financial gain.

This curated part of my collection is dedicated to artists who may not dominate the headlines, command astronomical prices, or maintain a constant presence on social media platforms like X. This curation is deliberate, echoing my commitment to collecting not for the sake of investment or social capital but for the intrinsic value and connection that art facilitates. It's a call to action for collectors, creators, and appreciators alike to re-evaluate what truly matters in the digital art world, to champion the underrepresented and the overlooked, and to find joy and fulfillment in the act of discovery itself.

This exhibition is a journey into my heart and what it means to collect, create, and appreciate art in a digital age defined by both its boundless opportunities and its fleeting distractions.

Ed Marola, a dream-themed sound and pixel artist from Brazil, creates immersive audio-visual experiences that push the boundaries of perception and consciousness. As an artist, Ed Marola embarked on his creative journey with a focus on music and sound editing for films. However, his passion for visual arts, instilled by his mother, a visual artist and art teacher, led him to explore the visual side of his creativity. During the social isolation of 2020, he delved into pixel art, a medium that quickly became his passion. It was through a friend that he discovered HICETNUNC, which opened up new possibilities for his artistic expression within the web3 space.

Ed Marola's art is characterized by its rawness and expressiveness, touching upon personally significant subjects. It can be described as expressionist, speculative, surrealist, and ironic. While adhering to self-imposed rules and limitations, his work remains diverse yet concise. The visuality of Ed Marola's art takes viewers on a journey into his inner self. Inspired by his own dreams, he employs techniques such as free associations and oracle-like interpretations. Through his art, he aims to explore new paths, provoke fresh ideas, and challenge the distinction between what is natural and what is cultural.

Venta - Computer Says No
Venta - Computer Says No
Danilo Xhema - Free to Use
Danilo Xhema - Free to Use

Venta is an artist who is exploring his colorful universe with a playful yet apocalyptic twist through AI. With a lifelong passion for creation, his work is a blend of pop culture vibrancy and darker existential themes, presented through a surreal and humorous lens. Venta's art is designed to evoke reflection and a sense of wonder in the viewer.

His creative process is a testament to the digital age - drawing inspiration from the constant flow of online media, Venta starts with digital paintings in Photoshop and then pushes boundaries using AI, guiding the technology with text prompts to transform his artwork. The resulting pieces are a collage of AI-augmented images, refined with additional digital painting, embodying a synergy between the artist's vision and the capabilities of AI. Through his art, Venta invites the audience to engage with a world where technology amplifies the surreal and the familiar, creating a space where viewers can experience the unexpected fusion of the digital with reality.

“I think, therefore I hype.”


Danilo Xhema is an Italian artist whose work stands at the crossroads of traditional painting and digital innovation. With a foundation in contemporary canonical and pictorial art, Xhema has expanded his craft into the digital realm, embracing web3 as a new frontier for artistic expression about a year ago. Xhema's artistry is characterized by a thoughtful balance between color, chromatism, and concept. His creations, akin to a personal diary, chart a progression of ideas and studies that celebrate the concept of simplicity. His use of gradient tools has become a signature aspect of his style, lending a distinctive fluidity and coherence to his body of work.

His work is a contemplative journey, inviting viewers to consider the irony, seriousness, and sometimes apparent carelessness infused within his pieces. The subjects of his art are drawn from spontaneous inspiration, encapsulating the beauty of everyday moments or venturing into the realm of kitsch aesthetics. Xhema's approach to art is nuanced, recognizing that while his work may carry a childlike spirit, it is grounded in intention and logic. Observers might perceive an unadulterated realism at first glance, yet the abstract interpretation reveals a deeper naivety, rooted in the simplicity and intent behind each piece.

Scerbo - voce del verbo fotostrusciare
Scerbo - voce del verbo fotostrusciare
Iñigo Bilbao - Installation
Iñigo Bilbao - Installation

Scerbo is an Italian artist who transcends traditional art classifications, focusing instead on art's inherent universality. Their journey began with sculpture and installation, but it was through photography that they captured the fleeting essence of their works and philosophical ruminations. Embracing the cycle of "creation-photo-destruction," Scerbo's art is steeped in Eastern philosophy and metaphysical thought, reflecting on the impermanence of existence.

With a deepened exploration of photography, Scerbo blends this medium with abstract painting and sound, aiming to create a multisensory experience that echoes the human body's raw and primal aspects. Their latest works confront the overwhelming influence of data in our lives, presenting works that reveal the hidden yet pervasive networks of information that define our perceptions. Scerbo's art is a celebration of the chaotic beauty of our complex reality, prioritizing emotional expression over conceptual strictness and continually pushing artistic boundaries.

Iñigo Bilbao is an artist who crafts a distinctive universe through the lens of artificial intelligence, blending raw textures and dark, complex themes into his creations. His journey into the art world was ignited over 25 years ago by a fascination with comics, science fiction, and horror films from the 70s and 80s, influences that continue to fuel his work today.

Beginning as a visual artist in a techno club, Bilbao has since navigated through various mediums. His curiosity has led him to utilize unconventional tools in his art-making process, including 3D scanners, medical imaging equipment, and now, raw AI. His affinity for medical science and technology merges with his artistic expression, allowing him to push boundaries into the realms of science fiction and horror.

Bilbao's art is characterized by its capacity to evoke emotions of concern and disbelief. Steering clear of the pursuit of "elevated art," his intention is to inject fun into the experience, provoking a sense of wonder and bewilderment in his audience. His creative process with AI is one of discovery, where he sets the stage for the AI to take the lead, searching for outcomes that surprise and captivate. Once AI presents him with such a moment, the artwork is considered complete, with little to no subsequent alterations, honoring the "machine's" contribution to the creative endeavor. Through his work, Iñigo Bilbao invites his viewers into a space where art intersects with the technological, challenging the boundaries of traditional artistry and embracing the unpredictable nature of AI as a co-creator in the artistic process.

“You can't turn back the hype.”

Satoshi Nakamoto

The Viennese Georg Eckmayr is a multidisciplinary artist, researcher and lecturer. He studied digital art at the class of Peter Weibel under whose supervision he also completed and defended his doctoral thesis on technical images.  As an artist, Eckmayr is deeply fascinated by (non-conscious) interconnection of physical and machine-based perception. His art is a testament to this intrigue, employing contrasts, ambivalences, and contradictions as vehicles to explore and express the complex relationship between human and machine. In his research he focuses on digital culture and knowledge systems and the digital operative space. 

His collection „The Quants - A Profile Pictures Choir" exemplifies Eckmayr's artistic inquiry, offering a critical reflection on social media profiles and profile pictures (PFPs) as symbols of our digital identity. It challenges the viewer to reconsider the conventional thought about digital representations of self, proposing that perhaps, in the digital realm, it is our identities that serve the algorithms rather than the other way around. Eckmayr invites us to reflect on the evolving nature of identity in the age of digital omnipresence, highlighting the transformative power of digital media in shaping human experience.

Sabato Visconti is a new media artist whose work centers around glitches, pixels and post-photographic imagery. Sabato never ceases to explore the limits of digital mediums. As the featured piece is a collaborative effort with AI, I’ll concentrate on that aspect of his art. Engaging with machine learning algorithms, Sabato’s art challenges the boundaries between digital approximations and authentic reality. His creative exploration extends from the early iterations of AI imagery to the advanced, high-fidelity visual synthesis of modern text-to-image AIs.

In his practice, Visconti critically examines the ethical dimensions of AI development, particularly the issues surrounding the use of copyrighted material. With a keen awareness of the controversies of "data laundering," his work serves both as an artistic endeavor and a commentary on the appropriation practices within the AI art space.

Visconti leverages AI as a tool that requires mastery in crafting prompts, a process he compares to a poetic and almost mystical act of creation. He anticipates a transformative impact on photography as it shifts from a medium rooted in truth to one defined by the aesthetics of algorithmic prediction. Through his art, Visconti seeks to provoke discussion on the implications of these technologies and the future of visual culture.

“Only hype will tell”

HypeGuy (@nothypeguy)
images_sombres - La dernière marque
images_sombres - La dernière marque
Andoni Bernstein -  Covid nail art
Andoni Bernstein - Covid nail art

images_sombres stands as an unknown master in the world of digital painting and sculpting, known for the understated elegance that belies the complexity of his concepts and creation methods. His pursuit of art is driven by an impulse to document his experiences, memories, and thoughts. Yet, he maintains a humble perspective regarding his status as an artist, perceiving his development as a continuous process of external observation and internal distillation. His works are his way of processing and reflecting on the world around him, seeking patterns and meanings within the chaos of existence.

The predominant theme in images_sombres' art is melancholy, crafted with the hope of invoking empathy within the viewer, even if the emotions stirred are tinged with discomfort. He seeks to establish a deep emotional connection with his audience, conveying a sense of shared human experience through his digital canvases.

His creative process is inspired by the "ordered chaos" that Francis Bacon advocated, which images_sombres translates into his digital medium. The inception of his artworks begins with writing, serving as a conceptual greenhouse where ideas are nurtured or discarded. This phase is crucial in shaping the direction his digital paintings and sculptures will take. He has a profound understanding of his creations, often allowing the artwork itself to dictate its completion, a testament to his intuitive connection with his craft.

Andoni Beristain is a Basque photographer and visual artist whose creative vision is deeply intertwined with his cultural roots and personal experiences. His dynamic compositions and bold use of color bring to life stories that navigate between joy and melancholy, societal critique and personal introspection.

Through his work with global brands, Beristain has honed a distinctive style that blends commercial appeal with artistic depth. 

Beristain's intent in art is to forge connections, to stir the viewer into a dialogue not just with the image but with the underlying narratives it represents. He invites audiences to explore beyond the surface and to engage with the work in a way that celebrates the full spectrum of human experience. His aim is to challenge perceptions, provoke thought, and in doing so, highlight the richness of the mundane.

“The hype does not change us, it unmasks us.”

Jérôme Oudot "Trëz" - THE GREAT ESCAPE
Jérôme Oudot "Trëz" - THE GREAT ESCAPE

Jérôme Oudot "Trëz" is an acclaimed French artist renowned for his multi-disciplinary approach to art, seamlessly blending painting, sculpture, drawing, and digital mediums. Operating under the pseudonym Trëz, he resides in Paris and has been a dynamic presence in the art world since 2009. Trëz's art is celebrated for its intricate exploration of the human condition, delving deep into themes of self-discovery, contradiction, and interpersonal relations. His signature style involves the creation of body-structures that represent chaotic and composite architectures, where the organic intermingles with the geometric in a vivid dance of form and space. This approach is not only a reflection of his unique artistic vision but also an inquiry into the essence of human existence, our quest for knowledge, and our place within the broader tapestry of time and society. Trëz's work has garnered international attention, with exhibitions across the globe, including in the USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, and Spain, among others. Through his art, Trëz invites viewers into a world where the boundaries of matter and mind are blurred, offering a profound commentary on the human experience.

Salawaki is a multidisciplinary artist from the Philippines whose work spans photography, internet-based installations, video, sound, and painting. Her artistry is marked by a unique use of virtual spaces to stage confrontations with her immediate environment, employing a mix of satire and humor to critique, engage and offer social commentary. In her work, Salawaki ventures beyond sensory engagement, manipulating emotions and replacing them with a complex array of pixels, political and cultural commentary, and unexpected motifs, such as trout, to provoke thought and evoke new emotional landscapes. She also plays with portraying a 3D version of herself in absurd scenarios, leaving viewers in a state of bewilderment. Her approach not only challenges traditional sensory experiences but also invites viewers to reconsider their emotional responses in a digitally mediated environment. Through her keen sense of narrative, Salawaki redefines the boundaries of artistic expression, offering a unique lens through which to view the interplay between digital technology and human experience.

Ilya Shkipin - From the shadows with love, dec 2021
Ilya Shkipin - From the shadows with love, dec 2021
Graphica.png - Mother
Graphica.png - Mother

Ilya Shkipin is an artist whose work bridges the gap between the individual experience and broader existential themes, aiming to challenge and expand the viewer's perception of reality. Through a blend of deliberate practice and experimentation, Shkipin has developed a unique style characterized by its thought-provoking and visually striking nature. His art serves as a medium for questioning the familiar, inviting viewers into a space of introspection and discussion.

Employing both traditional techniques and AI, Shkipin's creative process involves transforming initial visions into complex, layered artworks that juxtapose the real with the illusory. His method is iterative, often revisiting and refining pieces over time until they achieve a balance that accurately conveys his intended message and emotional resonance. Ilya’s goal is to disrupt the comfortable, provoke reflection, and inspire growth through his art, making each piece a conduit for exploration and understanding. 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of hype is for good humans to do nothing.”

Edmund Brrrrrrr

graphica.png masterfully merges naïve charm with digital tool exploration, using AI to amplify glitches. This innovative approach results in a unique artistic expression that graphica.png terms "neo-digital impressionism," marked by minimal glitches that playfully yet thoughtfully reflect personal experiences, dreams, and the digital age's idiosyncrasies. Their artworks serve as a bold, playful, and thoughtful reflection of personal experiences, dreams, and ideas, challenging traditional art conventions.

Embarking on a journey in the Web3 space, graphica.png embraced anonymity and the blockchain's ability to centralize their art under one wallet, challenging conventional notions of artist identity. This anonymity allowed graphica.png to create a distinct persona detached from their personal identity, encouraging viewers to engage with the artwork without bias.

However, the journey reached a turning point as graphica.png confronted a sense of repetition and loss of original passion for creation. This led to the radical decision to cease minting new art under the graphica.png moniker, a statement against the commodification of art and a return to the joy of pure creation. The discontinuation of graphica.png symbolizes not just an end but a bold critique of the art world's pressures, emphasizing the artist's commitment to authenticity over commercial success. Yet, the end of graphica.png is not the artist's conclusion but a new beginning, promising continued exploration as Serezha Galkin.

Philipp Kapustin - War of the 21st century
Philipp Kapustin - War of the 21st century

Philipp Kapustin is a Ukrainian artist whose work is a testament to the resilience and innovation of the human spirit. Merging traditional artistry with digital mediums, Kapustin has developed a distinctive style he dubs 'Digital NeoCubism,' drawing inspiration from the old masters of Cubism and Modernism like Malevich, Filonov, and Picasso. Kapustin's journey in art has seen him embrace painting, illustration, and installations, always pushing towards a unique artistic expression that bridges the past with the present. His work is characterized by the juxtaposition of geometric forms with organic elements, a visual synthesis of history and contemporary digital art techniques.

Despite the war surrounding him, Kapustin continues to create amidst the backdrop of conflict, using his art as both a form of resistance and a beacon of hope. His powerful piece "War of the 21st century" became a poignant reflection of his personal experience and war in the Ukraine, underlining the emotional depth and intensity behind his creations. Kapustin's work is not just art - it's a bold statement of solidarity, strength, and the unyielding pursuit of creative expression in the face of adversity. 

Maciej Drabik is a digital artist and animator whose work encapsulates the essence of fleeting moments and the complexities of human emotion. With a penchant for themes like dualism, the multifaceted nature of humans, growth, and the whimsicality of daydreams, Drabik's art is a testament to his versatility and willingness to explore different styles and digital media.

His art, known for pausing the relentless passage of time, has been showcased internationally, with displays in the UK, USA, and other countries, and is sought after by art collectors across major NFT platforms. Drabik brings over 14 years of industry experience to his personal projects, having made significant contributions to film, television, advertising, game development, and visual effects. His impressive client roster includes names like Red Bull, Netflix, NBC, Electronic Arts, Blizzard, and Bethesda, showcasing his ability to weave narrative and emotion into various forms of digital media.

Yuri - The lonely sail is getting greener
Yuri - The lonely sail is getting greener

Yuri is an artist who merges the digital realm with the tactile sensibilities of traditional art, creating a unique visual language through the medium of Photoshop. Yuri aims to create a big narrative expressed with the language of digital textures multiplied by an attempt to find a balance in every part of the picture. To achieve that he utilizes Photoshop to create unique textures allowing the viewer to truly visualize the software he's employing, much like an accomplished oil painter skillfully and distinctively manipulates their brush and oil.

Identifying closely with Naïve Art, Yuri's work challenges conventional art norms through playful experimentation and a distinctive, self-taught approach. His art, characterized by a large narrative conveyed through digital textures, invites viewers into an interactive dialogue, often leaving them intrigued and contemplatively confused. Yuri's thematic focus spans both indoor and outdoor spaces, with a penchant for reflecting a 'childlike' quality. This trait, far from being a limitation, is embraced as a reflection of the artist's own spirited view of the world.

“One human's trash is another human's hype.”

Oscar the Grouch

Martín Bruce is an artist whose work is a dynamic fusion of traditional painting and digital techniques. He begins his creative process by sourcing images from the internet, which he then distorts and reimagines through abstract painting, constructing what he refers to as "discrete utopias." This process underscores a dialogue between digital and physical mediums, allowing the artwork to assert its own completion.

With a formal background in fine arts, Martín's approach is both scholarly and exploratory. His work is characterized by the use of vivid colors and elements that evoke a sense of joy and playfulness, aiming to connect with the inner child in each viewer. Martín's art transcends traditional boundaries, often incorporating elements of fantasy drawn from nature and dreams to inspire wonder and encourage personal interpretation.

His engagement with web3 reflects a bold step into the future of art, embracing technology as a means to expand his creative horizons and interact with audiences in new ways. This space has not only transformed his practice but also allowed him to participate in the broader evolution of art in the digital age.

Estelle Flores is a Brazilian contemporary artist exploring video game art since early 2021, which was spent mostly in the collection of works Contain Real Ingredients, a practice of painting inside the game The Sims 4. Her work is not just an exploration of digital spaces but also an investigation into the glitches within these virtual worlds - intentional imperfections that serve as metaphors for the unpredictable and often flawed aspects of human memory and experience. Now, this exploration of ‘play’ continues in the fields of AI, generative art and code in a research on the personal myths and emotional shortcuts we raise from nostalgia.

Through her research, she investigates how these narratives and sentiments are constructed, delving into the ways we use nostalgia as a shortcut to form emotional connections and identity. The glitches that punctuate her game aesthetic become poignant symbols of the fragmented and reconstructed memories that shape our identities. Flores plays with the concept of 'play' itself, using the interactive and generative nature of her chosen mediums to push the boundaries of traditional art. Her style is characterized by a fusion of technology and personal exploration, as she employs modern tools to create pieces that resonate on a deeply individual level, yet speak to the universal human experience.

“The hype doesn't fall far from the blockchain.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Noortje Stortelder - Robotic Shocks
Noortje Stortelder - Robotic Shocks

Noortje Stortelder is an artist who seamlessly blends the realms of traditional and digital sculpturing, creating a unique intersection between the physical and the digital. With a background in sculpture and a journey through photography and digital art, Noortje has spent over a decade refining her craft and exploring new forms of expression. Driven by a compulsion to create, Noortje’s return to sculpture was sparked by a commission for an outdoor piece in Rotterdam, reigniting her passion for physical creation. This pivotal moment led her to explore the fusion of lifecasting with AI, seeking to bridge the gap between her love for tangible art and the possibilities offered by digital technologies.

Her work delves into profound themes of existence, identity, and the human condition, prompting viewers to reflect on their place within the world and their perception of reality. Noortje aims to provide audiences with novel experiences that challenge and expand their understanding of life and purpose. Her art emerges from a place of inquiry and introspection, manifesting as layered, complex works that mirror the multifaceted nature of reality itself. Through her innovative approach, Noortje invites us to contemplate the intricate dance between our digital and physical existences.

Irina Angles is a dynamic creative director, dancer, and choreographer from Donetsk, now making waves in Paris with her unique blend of contemporary, urban, and street dance styles. With over 15 years of dance experience, she fuses her knowledge of various genres like hip-hop, funk, and vogue into her choreography and performances. Angles' work is a study in the movement and form, often drawing from the stark lines of modern architecture and the fluidity of the human body to create visually compelling narratives.

Her artistic endeavors go beyond performances, as she teaches, speaks, and writes about dance, and collaborates with brands and artists to push the boundaries of her craft. Angles is particularly interested in the convergence of dance with new media technologies, exploring how AR, VR, and AI can enhance and expand the language of dance. Her innovative approach has led to notable recognitions, including awards for her groundbreaking integration of AI into dance filmmaking.

Roope Rainisto is a Finnish artist, designer, and photographer whose art is a captivating exploration of narrative and place, blurring the lines between the tangible and the imagined. With a career spanning 25 years as a creative designer, Rainisto's work is a testament to his ability to adapt and innovate within the ever-evolving landscape of visual art. Rainisto's approach to AI in art embodies shoshin, the "beginner's mind," embracing the fresh perspectives and infinite possibilities that come with a nascent mastery. The generative artifacts within his work are not just byproducts but central features that define a new era of post-photography.

In Rainisto's vision, today's exploratory use of AI is a fleeting moment of innocence and discovery in technology, one that captures the imagination before it matures into expertise. His work invites viewers to experience this transient digital dreamscape and ponder the evolving relationship between human creativity and artificial intelligence.

“Hype is thicker than water.”

Sir Walter Scott

Ni Petrov is a contemporary artist with a philosophy rooted in uncovering the complexities hidden within simple, everyday situations. His work often contemplates themes of isolation and the ubiquitous yet overlooked patterns of urban life. His technique is a blend of capturing candid moments and meticulous digital manipulation, where he intentionally introduces cut-outs, glitches and pixel distortions to transform mundane scenes. The manipulation of common urban scenes reveals a deeper narrative on the nature of contemporary existence and the digital overlays that increasingly define our perception.

Ni’s art is an exploration of the dichotomy between connection and solitude in the digital era. Through his visual commentaries, he prompts viewers to consider the profound within the banal and to recognize the isolation that can accompany the hyper-connectedness of modern society. His pieces reflect a world where technology both obscures and defines reality. NI's unique digital aesthetic not only challenges the norms of photographic purity but also serves as a metaphor for the perfectly imperfect nature of human life in the digital landscape. His works are invitations to explore the interplay between the digital self and the physical world, offering a space to reflect on how we navigate and perceive our environment amidst the omnipresent digital noise.

Indi Sulta is an Icelandic multimedia artist, whose work spans digital and traditional mediums. With 18 years of experience in digital art and 12 in traditional forms, Sulta has developed a diverse range that includes oil and digital paintings, animations, and AI-assisted art. His journey began in the small fishing village of Skagaströnd, Iceland, where his passion for art emerged early, leading him to pursue graphic design alongside his artistic endeavors.

Sulta's artistic expression is deeply influenced by a blend of his childhood experiences, his engagement with music, and his admiration for painters like Zdzisław Beksiński and Edvard Munch, as well as digital artists such as Yang Xueguo. His work is characterized by a fascination with the darker end of the spectrum, exploring themes of morbid curiosity and unrestricted expression. This inclination towards the dark and moody is not only a stylistic choice but also a reflection of his personal journey and the honest, unbound nature of his creative process.

Throughout his career, Sulta has navigated between the worlds of visual and musical arts, allowing each to inform the other. His artistic process is fluid, beginning with a concept that evolves as the piece develops, embracing change and the evolution of ideas. A near-fatal accident in 2021 marked a pivotal moment, refocusing his energies on visual arts and leading to his exploration of the NFT space.

“Hype heals all wounds.”

random degen on X

Milo Poelman is a visionary artist whose work resides at the intersection of technology and the natural world. With a profound belief in technology as an extension of nature, Poelman's artistic practice delves into the intricate relationship between the digital realm and its organic counterparts. Poelman's work is inherently research-oriented, aiming to uncover and articulate the complex dynamics between technology and the environment it inhabits. By treating technology as an un-organic yet integral part of nature, he seeks to understand and mimic the universe's natural patterns of organization and efficiency. 

Through his innovative use of AI and digital media, Poelman invites viewers to reconsider the boundaries between the natural and artificial, suggesting a harmonious coexistence where technology is embraced as a natural evolution of our world. His approach to tech, akin to our relationship with plants and animals, underscores a deep-rooted respect for the natural processes that govern both the organic and inorganic spheres, offering a fresh perspective on the potential for technological advancement to align with the principles of natural order and sustainability.

Seba Cestaro - Opinions
Seba Cestaro - Opinions

Seba Cestaro is an acclaimed illustrator and visual artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, whose work is a vivid concoction of the surreal and the abstract. Cestaro's creations are distinct for their ability to transport viewers into alternative worlds brimming with abstract shapes and enigmatic figures, giving each piece a dreamlike quality. His art often toys with the concept of balance, using characters and abstract forms to challenge the viewer's perception and invite them to explore the equilibrium within the chaos of colors and forms.

His work has not only been recognized in print and digital media but has also been celebrated in galleries and fairs across the globe, from Milan to Seoul to Singapore. Cestaro's visuals are a testament to his skill in constructing narratives that transcend conventional reality, engaging audiences in a visual dialogue that is as thought-provoking as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Kelvin Estevão is a Brazilian 3D artist from São Paulo whose work captivates with its vibrant and ethereal interplay of light and shadow, fluidity, and striking color palettes. His art, characterized by dynamic shapes and a sense of motion, delves into the psychological and emotional spectrum, exploring themes of self-identity, introspection, and the human psyche like the anxieties of modern life.

His animated works often mirror a journey into the abstract depths of the mind, questioning the nature of reality versus digital perception. Through his sophisticated use of 3D animation, Kelvin's art challenges the viewer to confront the digital frontier's complexities and the elusive quest for authenticity in a virtual world. His creations are not only visually arresting but also intellectually stimulating, prompting a dialogue about the essence of self in the age of digital omnipresence.

We need to look beyond the hype and go against the current of trends and swim with the tide of timeless. When the hype dies down, only art stays.

Yours truly,

Unknown Collector

The deconstruction of the self,
A shedding of layers, a stripping of clutter.
Until all that's left is raw and primal,
Revealing the essence of your self
To rediscover its complexity.

In this curatorial display, we see ourselves in every hue,
Our deepest selves laid bare, our most basic emotions.
The art becomes a mirror, reflecting our own truth,
Unveiling the intricacies of being.