ATMO's Watchers Desk

Jun 24
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ATMO's Watchers Desk

Suburbs Gallery Solo Highlight no 47

Atmo in the Suburbs
Atmo in the Suburbs

Atmo, also known as Atmonez, is an accomplished 3D digital artist, art director, and motion designer with over a decade of experience in the field. His impressive journey began in the realm of commercials and evolved into the creation of his own studio, where he has collaborated with high-profile clients such as Razer and Adidas.

Atmo's work has graced prestigious exhibitions around the globe, including NFTNYC, NFTLA, Art Basel, and NFT Show Europe, among many others. His art has also been featured in several Japanese artbooks and displayed in international art shows from Los Angeles to Tokyo, reflecting his broad appeal and exceptional talent.

Atmo in the Suburbs
Atmo in the Suburbs

Atmo is currently pursuing his creative endeavors, and his collaboration with Razer for their platform Razer Axon is a testament to his innovation in the world of digital art. Discover the unique fusion of dystopia and exploration in Atmo's creations.

Watchers Desk by Atmo
Watchers Desk by Atmo

Our appreciation of Watchers Desk

This captivating piece, created for the renowned technology company Razer Inc., exemplifies Atmo's masterful blend of digital art and storytelling. Razer, a leader in consumer electronics, financial services, and gaming hardware, provided the perfect platform for Atmo to showcase his unique vision.

"Watchers Desk" immerses viewers in a dystopian, cyberpunk workspace, rich with intricate details and vibrant colors. The cluttered desk, filled with futuristic gadgets, stickers, and retro elements, tells a story of a vigilant watcher deeply engrossed in their world. Each item, from the vintage cassettes to the advanced tech devices, is meticulously crafted, highlighting Atmo's expertise in combining 2D and 3D elements.

Atmo's passion for science fiction shines through in this piece, revealing hidden beauty within a chaotic scene. The atmospheric lighting and textures create a sense of depth and realism, drawing viewers into the narrative. "Watchers Desk" is not just a visual feast but a testament to Atmo's ability to weave complex tales through his art.

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Watchers Desk
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