Issue #3

May 23
Issue #3

“The universe is made of stories, not atoms.”

Muriel Rukeyser


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I am beyond delighted to present another Issue of SAGAWORLD.

As with previous Issues (what we call exhibitions in Sagatalk), it features a gathering of brilliant digital artists running the themes, stories & characters of The Endling Saga through their unique, expertly honed, magic brain filters.

As before, the idea is to take a project which has no limits in terms of visual style, media or ideas and see what happens when you put it in the hands of the best creative minds around (with no limitations).

As before, anything goes. As before, the results are astonishing.


Ben Harley

The Blue Knight of High Wail
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On launch night, we had a 'Drop Party' on Spaces.

As is tradition, I got tipsy and read the descriptions.

We've all agreed this is essential, despite being read in an increasingly slurry Irish drawl, because the words and visuals are intrinsically linked.

Descriptions in digital art are often overlooked. In Sagaworld - and the wider Endling Saga project - they are central.

The art of SAGAWORLD is a marriage of all facets of storytelling, and the artists embrace this. They explore the Saga and leave their mark - a signal in the maze to say 'I Was Here.'

“Storytelling is how we share our experiences and explore our shared human nature. A chat down the pub or digital art based on other dimensions. Each story helps us discover who we are.”



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“The dark night of the soul comes just before revelation. When everything is lost, and all seems darkness, then comes the new life and all that is needed.”

Joseph Campbell
'Dreams of another life' by Dani Leoni
'Dreams of another life' by Dani Leoni

Another consensus from the Space was:

Issue # 3 is a bit darker than previous drops.

Thematically, it does seem to be the case. But as with all art, this is a reflection of the times we're in. This is how Punk was born. Art is a reaction.

There is no point denying this is a frustrating time for artists in the digital ownership arena. Hope persists, but is a precious (dwindling) resource.

It's small wonder that the artists, consciously or otherwise, leaned into the more macabre themes in the Saga.

The hope might be in low supply, but it is there. That the Sagaworld artists dedicate their time and minds to this project is the truest signal I can find that markets can do what they want, but creativity comes first.

It is a light in the gloom.

Or more accurately a spark, I think. Ready to ignite...

“Curation is the enduring resonance of artistic expression.”



Ancestor of the Swift
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A very special addition to this Issue was the first Sagaworld irl display, thanks to our friends at Suburbs Gallery.

We may be in a digital market, but we are physical beings and seeing the work displayed like this was a huge thrill for me, and I'm sure, the artists.

A heartfelt thanks to Baku & Suburbs :)

SAGAWORLD at Suburbs Gallery
SAGAWORLD at Suburbs Gallery

So, as you explore the work in Issue # 3 please try to do the following:

Read the descriptions.

Consider the themes as a reflection of the times we're in.

Be considerate also to those who may think butter is disgusting.

Or just enjoy the art, screw themes. That's how this whole thing works - dip your toe or dive in. No wrong way to do it :)

Oh and as always, if you want to explore further, make your way to TheEndlingSaga.io.

thank you,

Matt (Griff)



Distant Void
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THE ENDLING SAGA is a story about stories.

It’s about myths and their importance to the human condition.

It’s about reality and fantasy being one and the same.

It’s about physics and dragons and religious worship and sentient motorcycles.


So what happens when you take groups of incredible creators, from all disciplines & styles & media, and ask them to make anything they like as long as it's inspired by THE ENDLING SAGA?


Because of the nature of the Saga project, anything can happen. There are no rules - 'all realities exist'. So artists are free to interpret the stories any way they like. No limits to genre, style, media. Just like the Saga itself - it's all a true story.


Drops will be divided into 'Issues', just like the comics that inspired the project.

'Issue #1' is released at 8pm GMT, December 14, 2023.

Please visit TheEndlingSaga.io to learn more