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This is the start of something new...

In early 2021, a vision took digital form with the launch of Foundation. Starting with 50 pioneering artists, we not only created a community but birthed a movement that would redefine digital art. As we step into 2024, this community has blossomed into a thriving ecosystem of tens of thousands, boasting millions of minted NFTs, each evidence of the vibrant creativity and innovative spirit at our core.


Chuck Anderson

IMAGINED WRECKAGE — [Digital Prototype 040224]
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Curating the Future: Our Beginning

Our early vision was clear: to forge a space where groundbreaking creators could flourish unfettered, pushing the boundaries of what digital art could be. This commitment has not subsided but deepened, guided by our desire to showcase artists and curators who dare to reimagine, reinvent, and inspire. Our debut artists, now celebrated in both contemporary art and web3, have not only graced world-class museums and collaborated with leading brands but have also pioneered new technologies and artistic methods. Their work represents the bleeding edge of the digital domain, a promise of the unexplored potential waiting in the expanse of the web.



infinite regress
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Genesis: Marking a New Era

Genesis is a milestone – a marker of evolution as we transition to Ethereum L2. Named for beginnings and origins, Genesis symbolizes not just the birth of a blockchain but the continuous rebirth of our collective digital expression. It's a celebration of the first principle — the core idea that innovation and community can together spawn a universe of artistic exploration. Each artist in Genesis embodies this principle, having laid the foundational stones of our thriving creative ecosystem.

This exhibition is both an homage to our origins and a beacon for our future. Through Genesis, we stand on the cusp of a new era, ready to explore the boundless horizons of art and technology.


Visualize Value

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zach lieberman

space partition study
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Featuring works by: Alejandro Cartagena ꩜ Chuck Anderson ꩜ Helena Sarin ꩜ Jack Butcher ꩜ Jimmy Edgar ꩜ King Xerox ꩜ neurocolor ꩜ Orkhan ꩜ Rafaël Rozendaal ꩜ Roope Rainisto ꩜ Shawna X ꩜ Spøgelsesmaskinen ꩜ Terrell Jones ꩜ Yoshi Sodeoka ꩜ Zach Lieberman

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