Larry Fink

Feb 26
Larry Fink

“Viscerality is my perceptual mode. Simply spoken, it means that I want to touch everything that I love. Hopefully, my pictures are a testimony to the love of the senses”


Fellowship is delighted to unveil a digital retrospective that honors the remarkable legacy of the esteemed late photographer, Larry Fink. Curated by Holly Hay, Curator and Photography Director, the retrospective will debut on our digital platform on Monday, February 26th, featuring more than 50 pieces from Fink's distinguished career spanning over 65 years. The complete collection, comprising over 500 iconic works, will be released in a series of thoughtfully curated groups.

A Life of Looking traces Fink’s artistic journey from Wall Street to Studio 54, capturing stolen moments at society parties, and exploring new still lifes on his farm in Pennsylvania. Widely recognised for his ability to reveal hidden intimacies and extremes through his lens, Fink captures the untold stories of people and objects and the nuances of everyday life. His adventurous and versatile approach to photography saw him navigate a wide spectrum of subjects - from intimate family portraits to poignant political satire; his lens acting as a conduit of storytelling, traversing the worlds of working-class individuals to the upper echelons of show business and Manhattan society.

Alongside the retrospective, Fellowship will debut ‘FINK’ - an intimate short documentary directed by Lisa Schiller, inviting viewers onto a cinematic journey offering an unprecedented look into the photographers’ life and creative process.

“I often feel I am living in the past tense. My days are spent examining images of earlier times, and judging their place in a retrospective of my work of what is deemed to be seen or not.”

- Larry Fink on the possibilities of storytelling through digital technologies.

A Life of Looking is a new way of developing photographic stories using blockchain technologies. In collaboration with Fellowship, the retrospective will also offer an opportunity for art enthusiasts and collectors to purchase works from the Larry Fink archive as NFTs.

“Creating these NFTs puts me in the present tense, sharing my photographs and life with a new audience, adding an introspective education to both the viewer and myself. It delights me.”

- Larry Fink on the possibilities of storytelling through digital technologies.

Larry Fink

Working as a professional photographer for over sixty years, Fink has had solo exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Whitney Museum of Modern Art, Fotografia Europea in Italy (2019), deCordova Sculpture Park Museum in Massachusetts (2019) and the Philadelphia Museum of Art (2018-19). In 2017, Fink was the recipient of the Lucie Award for Documentary Photography. In 2015, he received the International Center for Photography Infinity Award for Lifetime Fine Art Photography. He has also been awarded two Guggenheim Fellowships and two National Endowment for the Arts, Individual Photography Fellowships. He taught for over fifty-two years, with positions held at Yale University, Cooper Union, and at Bard College, where he is an honoured Professor Emeritus. Fink’s first monograph, the seminal Social Graces (Aperture, 1984) left a lasting impression in the photographic community, with twelve other monographs with the subject matter crossing the class barrier in unexpected ways. In Summer 2023 Fink featured in The Cortona Photo Festival in Italy and continued to photograph until his passing later that year.