Introducing Drops

A new

0.2 ETH
25 / 5,000

Designed by Foundation.

Big collections.
No code required.

Launch a collection of up to 10,000 NFTs for the cost of minting a single NFT.

Revealed and randomized.

Captivate your community with a magical moment when artworks reveal. Randomized for fairness and designed to delight.

Get in on the drop with packs.

There's more to love in packs of 3 or 5. Keep a few, trade a few, sell a few.

Powerful features
for creators and collectors

More NFTs, less gas.

Creators save on gas fees when collectors mint directly from the contract.

Build your audience.

Use your project landing page to build hype before the drop begins.

Strong tech.

ERC-721 contracts tested and audited via Code4rena.


It’s in the details. Tell a story and create rarity by adding attributes.

Ready, set, preview.

A rich preview experience to double check your drop before it goes live to the world.

Save time.

Easily create your large collections by uploading in bulk to IPFS.

Curated drops


People are people

Minting soon
0 / 13

Strange Scenes In A Mad World

Minting soon
0 / 20

Subway Riders

Minting soon
0 / 25

This isn't real.

Minting soon
0 / 75
Rolling out with select creators.

Your drop, coming soon.

Get prepared early

Read our Help Center articles to learn about how you can prepare for Drops.
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