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Be part of a transformative new creative economy.

Our culture’s system for valuing creators’ work is broken—so we built a new one.

With Foundation, you can sell limited-edition art and goods at prices that rise with demand. And since our platform turns your work into its own cryptocurrency, you also earn money when collectors trade your markets.

Dynamic pricing + revenue from trades + incentives for your supporters = welcome to the participatory creative economy of the future.

How Foundation
works for creators.

Turn your work into its own cryptocurrency.

Foundation makes it simple to pre-sell goods by releasing “tokens” that represent each piece of limited-edition art. Want to make 100 prints, records, or T-shirts? Fund the production by releasing 100 tokens that can be bought and traded by collectors on Foundation.

Discover the magic of dynamic pricing.

When you drop art with Foundation, you’ll set a high and low price for each limited-edition good. As demand for your work increases, the price of each item will rise. This incentivizes collectors to get in early for a lower price, which has the effect of pushing up your markets. It also means the more hype there is around your work, the more money you make.

Earn money from sales and trades.

There are two ways collectors can buy your art on Foundation: With a credit card, or with crypto. With a credit card, collectors pay the price listed at the time of the sale, and you’re guaranteed that income. When a collector buys your work with crypto, this unlocks their ability to trade your markets and be a part of your financial success. The key here is that with every buy or sell a collector makes, you earn a percentage, too.

Your supporters are with you.

The people who love your work have the opportunity to buy it at dynamic prices. But it’s not just that. Collectors are also financially incentivized to hype your work and push your markets up, creating a participatory economy in which everyone can benefit.

When you sell your work with Foundation, you’re joining a group of experimental, boundary-pushing artists who are collectively evolving the way creative culture is valued.


For creators, Foundation is currently invite-only. If you’re an artist or brand who’s excited to build the new creative economy, click the button below to apply.
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