About Foundation

Foundation is a platform that aims to build a new creative economy—a world where creators can use the Ethereum blockchain to value their work in entirely new ways, and build stronger connections with their supporters.

The new creative economy
The new creative economy
The new creative economy
The new creative economy
The new creative economy
The new creative economy
The new creative economy
The new creative economy
The new creative economy
The new creative economy

Foundation fosters a network of mutual support between creators and collectors. We’re forging a community-driven path and sharing our tools with the rapidly evolving group of developers who are excited to define this future with us. We want anyone and everyone who cares about the future of digital expression to be a part of it.

Making history

Since launching in February 2021,
creators have earned...

61,232 ETH

What creators have to say

Alejandro Cartagena

“A door is opening that feels like nothing out there. The opportunity to build a real community that engages and supports each other is being built in the NFT space.”

Shantell Martin

“I’m a huge believer in collaboration and non-competition. If we’re thinking competitively, we are thinking that we are better than or less than, whereas if we’re thinking collaboratively, we are thinking, ‘How can we make this system better?’”


“My advice is: do something that is totally you. Try to capture and mint what is already inside you. This is the history I grew up listening to, learning at school, celebrating every year. I am a child of Ethiopian patriots, and this is what I was born to create.”

Reuben Wu

“It’s been really encouraging to be able to enter this space as a photographer and get so much encouragement for it. I’ve had nothing but incredible support from my peers and the creative community.”

Rafaël Rozendaal

“As time moves on, we’ll see a larger percentage of the population involved in creative activity—which means we’re going to have to figure out models to support that. NFTs are a huge step in that direction.”

Chris Torres

“Being involved in the NFT space is about making friends, and making connections. That’s where the real engagement comes from. It’s honestly one of the most tight-knit communities that I’ve ever been a part of on the internet.”

What creators have to say


“We want to define industry standards that will move the entire system forward, and show what’s possible with DAOs from a technical perspective. Eventually, we’ll do things like display the art, but we want to start by going more in the direction of integrating a smart contract. You’re getting a DAO and a DAO’s collection, and it’s DAOs all the way down.”

Jackson Dame

“I’m very much interested in collecting art that gives me joy because my entire life I’ve dealt with anxiety. Art has often been—not a coping mechanism—but a way to soothe and ease some of the existential fears that I have. I view art as something that makes the journey of living a little bit easier.”

Tory Bryant

“My goal is to support women, people of color, and LGTQIA artists, and I hope for it to become the biggest revolving collection in the NFT space. My objective is to create a secondary market from which I can continue supporting artists.”


“We are on the precipice of a revolution to ensure the preservation, longevity, and amplification of Black femme NFT creators. herstoryDAO exists to ensure that the metaverse we are actively helping to architect with our contributions, collections, and experiences is an equitable space—forever.”


“As a collector in the fine art world, I wasn’t known beyond a few auction houses and some dealers. With the NFT space, there’s been a complete shift in terms of how I can get to know, and relate to artists.”


“Foundation has attracted a great group of artists—more so than other platforms—and you’ve really become the best place for emerging artists to mint and sell their work.”

How it works

For Creators

Creators are invited to join Foundation by members of the community. Once you’ve received an invite, you’ll need to set up a wallet with ETH before you can create an artist profile, deploy a smart contract, and mint an NFT—which means uploading your NFT file to IPFS, a decentralized peer-to-peer storage network. You can then add any of your works to Foundation’s marketplace.

If the piece is resold on the secondary market, a 10% royalty goes to the wallet that originally minted the NFT—in perpetuity.

Read a complete guide to selling NFTs on Foundation

For Collectors

On Foundation, anyone can create a profile to start collecting NFTs. All you’ll need is a wallet and ETH. When you collect a work using Buy Now, Offers, or Auctions, the NFT gets transferred to your wallet and appears on your Foundation collector profile. You can then display it in your virtual gallery, share it on social media, or sell it later on the secondary market.

Read a complete guide to collecting NFTs on Foundation

For the Community

There are many ways to get involved with Foundation beyond joining as a creator, collector, or developer. We welcome anyone interested in collectively building the future of digital culture to join us on Instagram or Twitter. There are a number of community-led initiatives and events that you can plug into, participate in, and even imagine new possibilities for. We actively encourage community members to create new groups based around their interests.

Read our Community Guidelines