Joyful Whistle

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This work was inspired by a precious memory from my childhood, and I think I was able to paint freely and spontaneously.

When I learned to whistle after practicing day in and day out

I could see the world shining brightly, and my heart was filled with joy on my way home.

A lady in the neighborhood said, "That's what I'm talking about! and called out to her

The man at the artificial flower warehouse I knew looked at me with a smile on his face

I walked around "my town" feeling elated and invincible!







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I recently moved to a new house!

I've been busy and doing well, but when I take a break, the grief of last year's bereavement of a dear family member has hit me and it's been a difficult day. I hope to get over it soon.

I think my illustration skills have improved a bit recently, and I would like to continue to evolve, not only by adding details, but also by making my work more sophisticated.

I already have an idea for a second piece in this new collection, which I am looking forward to!

I am also learning new things, and I hope to use the techniques and accomplishments I learned last year when I produced the video that was exhibited at the Tokyo Tower.

Please keep an eye on my activities!