Gandharva with a profound scent / 幽玄の乾闥婆

Minted on Oct 19, 2021
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Title : Gandharva with a profound scent
Japanese title : 幽玄の乾闥婆 (Yugen no Kendatsuba)

Artwork information:
original illustration,animation : Tomoro Yamanaka
2050 × 2304pixels
00:03 (loops)
digital painting
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Gandharva is the music god of the Eight Legions(Hatibusyu) who keeps Buddhism.
Gandharva, who eats only incense without eating meat or fish, emits a profound fragrant scent from her body.
As an incarnation of pure beauty, she wears a dress with a flower pattern and carries an incense burner that smells incense behind her. For the decoration of the incense burner, I quoted the lion dance and mask used in the play called Gigaku, which was handed down from Baekje in the olden days.