Within The Clouds

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Within The Clouds is a concept about the fine line between flying and falling, with the latter being just one step away.
It is visualized through animated landscape photography and enhanced with audio sequences. This NFT is the first re-constructed fine art landscape photograph, creating a dramatic alpine experience through a combination with cinematic animation, sound and storytelling.

Photography & storytelling: @wildalps
Animation, video & audio: @irvinethesteve

20% of the profits (from @wildalps) will be donated to the initiative „Disaster Relief: family Herold & friends“. More information about the initiative:
a) https://de.gofundme.com/f/disaster-relief-family-herold-friends
b) https://twitter.com/wildalps/status/1417193895260209156?s=20

The detailed intro, description, information about unlocked content and technical details can be found following the link. This information is an integral part of the contract: https://wildalps.rocks/NFT-art