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Since our first ancestors shattered rocks to create hunting tools, technology has been an essential part of the human experience. Throughout the centuries, we’ve woven it into our lives, increasing our reliance on our mind’s creations while boosting our own odds of survival. We’ve embedded machines into every aspect of our lives, and we’ve become comfortable… Yet despite that familiarity, we stand upon the brink; our own technology will soon bend and crack reality itself. Nanotechnology, augmented reality, virtual metaverses, all these things may leave our minds reeling, broken and unable to discern between a rocky mountain vista and an array of ones and zeroes…

This is a collaboration between digital artist Derek Low and photographer Steve Walasavage.

Low poly vector artwork, manually created in Adobe Illustrator.

First collector will also receive full size original and polygon images.

fracture- 3800x2534px – 9mb