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Water connects every aspect of life. Clean water must be safe and free access for everyone!

Healthy tap water is a growing problem in the world. We are forced to buy bottled water. We throw 2.5 mln plastic bottles away hourly, which took 450 years to decompose. Only 2 of 10 bottles are recycled!

Our NFTs goal is to solve clean water shortages and reduce plastic production. 90% sales go to install IRL Uwater stations. No need to buy more single-use water bottles - just refill your one for free at UWater!

Concept: Grigorii Gorkovenko - art designer, 3 times Red Dot Award winner, silver A' Design Award. Gorkovenko style is the synergy of contrasts and forms. His idea is to create the art, you want to interact with, that inspires to create new and gorgeous. gorko-venko.com

We put our talents and passion towards creating new together with Web3-fam!

The collector offsets their NFTs by reducing CO2 of production plastic. IoT system show collector's name on UWater's screen. More uwater.io