Hateful Mind

Minted on Feb 22, 2022
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Creating animation for our music have been our ultimate goal for many years. Growing up watching the likes of The Beatles "Yellow Submarine" and countless Japanese Anime series and movies opened up our minds through our eyes and ears, that the process of creating music doesn't have to be limited by audible frequencies.

This is our first attempt to create music that incorporates sounds, visions, and movement. The idea is to mimic an illustrative vinyl record that will animate itself when the record is played. Certain rotational speed will create an illusion of movement. Something that is still, could be moved. And movement is life.

We will eventually release this song in conventional way as per-usual: digital streaming platform, cassette tape, vinyl records. Winning bidder will be the first to get all these directly from us. Bidder will get the hi-res audio.

The Sigit : Music
Riandy Karuniawan : Artwork & Animation
Herzven : Artwork

still image rotated in 45rpm