Tomorrow Never Comes

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'Tomorrow Never Comes' is a thirty second seamlessly looped audio and visual animation that features the work of 24 Guild artists. In alphabetical order: Airco Caravan, asianjunkies, Becca Kennedy, Benza, BrightLight, Danil Pan, ejthek (Composition), Gert-Jan Akerboom (Animation), Jason Duckmanton, Jopet Arias, King Debs, Lapin Mignon, LUVRworldwide, Marcotic (Sound), Niels Broszat, Okin, Pixelmug, Pule the Witch Dr, Shinji Akhirah (Lead), Silje Thorn, sugaH, Talos, Tom Abbink, and The Perfesser.

The team challenged themselves to produce a landscape themed work with a fast turnaround. When others dream we embark on a journey of infinite dimensions, a trip bound by no limits, wherein we get a glimpse of what's possible. Imagination runs wild and inspiration flows freely. Tomorrow holds such great promise, and yet it is promised to no one.

The Guild is an inclusive, dynamic and interdisciplinary arts organization founded on the Ethereum blockchain in 2020. https://www.theguildnft.com