Ubatuba, Brazil (1957)

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Ubatuba, Brazil. 1957. A reader submits a story and materials to a newspaper, claiming to have seen a flying disk while fishing. The disk approaches the beach as if to crash, then climbs, but finally explodes, raining materials onto the beach and sea. Analysis reveals mostly magnesium, with some finding unusual isotope ratios, suggesting the material has been engineered. The material also contains a puzzling strontium impurity. The date of this event is still in dispute.

For decades, people around the world have reported sightings of UFOs, sometimes accompanied by artifacts allegedly left behind. Some of these have been submitted to laboratories for analysis, with the data now available for conceptual analysis.

50% of each sale will benefit the study of recovered artifacts through the Future Folklore ecosystem of frontier research and technology. For sources see: futurefolklore.tech

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