The Bull

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The bull represents wealth, courage, power, determination and prosperity. It remains untamed and focused, showing authority over situations. It not only shows power but also courage to ram the red flags. As an animal symbolising strength, the bull became the subject of many ancient religions, being worshipped throughout the world. It has given its name to one of the oldest constellations, Taurus.
In Indian mythology, Nandi, the bull, is the vehicle of the Hindu god Shiva. Whatever our wishes, prayers, or problems are, we whisper to Nandi, who then communicates all that he has heard to Lord Shiva. 
Just like the bull, we need to be focused on our goals and have the courage to not be let down by the red flags, but rather challenge them.
As the messenger Nandi, there is nothing more beautiful and fulfilling than helping people realise their dreams and help them achieve their ambitions.