Minted on Nov 23, 2021
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Trichromatic photography.

This is an invention of mine. I photograph the same scene 3 times using a digital black and white camera. I filter one exposure heavily red, one green, one blue - which makes it RGB - so precisely what a color image in photoshop is, too. In photoshop an image has 3 color channels R-G-B with three black & white images and so does my image only I actually photograph them seperately. I usually wait 15 minutes between the exposures for the sun to travel and change my shadows and my lighting. This gives me endless options when color grading and assembling the image.


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I will send you the high res file for printing purposes if you like.

As always, I will have 5 trees planted to offset the carbon footprint of this auction once it has been sold. There is no planet b.