Movie Road, Lone Pine, CA.

Minted on Nov 19, 2021
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This is a trichromatic photograph. Its an invention of mine. A re-invention really. It is very similar to how the first color images in history were created. Only I took it into todays world and technology. I photograph the same scene 3 times using a digital black and white camera. I filter one exposure heavily red, one green, one blue - which makes it RGB - so precisely what a color image in photoshop is, too. It has 3 color channels R-G-B and so does my image only I create them seperately. Here I had a chair with me, food, drinks and sunblock and I spent an entire day shooting this one picture. I would shoot one set of R-G-B on top of every hour and combine say R from 9 am with G from 2 pm and so on. The possibilities are endless. #iownthecolors

I will have 10 trees planted to offset the carbon footprint of this auction once it has been sold. There is no planet b.