Stargazer's Dream

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"Stargazer's Dream" invites the observer into a universe filled with wonder, curiosity, and infinite possibilities. It features a model, whose eyes are filled with stars, as she gazes into the celestial abyss. Her connection with the cosmos is not merely an infatuation but a deep understanding and passion for what lies beyond. Through this mesmerizing piece, the infinite expanse of space is not just an abstract concept but a tangible dream, sparkling with mysteries waiting to be explored.

In collaboration with Marie Claire Arabia and featured in their September 2023 issue, this artwork is part of a three-part series that taps into the simple yet powerful dreams we all had as kids. Be it the wish to be a mermaid, an astronaut, or a forest nymph, these pieces make those dreams come to life. They go beyond just showing a scene; they capture the emotions and imagination that connect us all to these universal fantasies.