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A lone figure on the edge of the cliffs observes lava pouring directly into the ocean at the Kilauea "Fire Hose" in Kalapana, Hawaii. On December 31st, 2016, this area changed dramatically when a 26-acre lava bench suddenly collapsed into the ocean. The bench collapse led to the formation of the “Fire Hose” where lava plunged directly into the ocean and created enormous amounts of steam. While I was photographing the “Fire Hose” in 2017, this very brave man walked up to the edge to get a closer look at the lava. Today the "Fire Hose” no longer exists and the 61G lava flow stopped completely in March 2018. I feel fortunate to have witnessed this amazing scene before it disappeared!

Courage, a 1/1 NFT from artist Scott Smorra. The first buyer of this piece will receive a signed, limited edition acrylic print of the photo.

A portion of the revenue generated from the sale will be donated to a non profit organization this is helping to offset the environmental impact of NFTs.